‘Tis the Day Before Christmas

‘Tis the day before Christmas

And throughout the world,

Fewer people are stirring—

(Oh!  Haven’t you heard?)

The pandemic’s raging,

The ‘rona its name,

It’s wreaked havoc all over

And nothing’s the same.

On with our face shields and on with our masks!

We must socially distance!

(Not all up to that task!)

To protect one another

We go to great lengths—

Staying distant from family

The response that shows strength.

It has been a rough year,

There’s no question about it—

Our hearts filled with fears,

Even those who might doubt it.

We’re divided in more ways than the ‘rona has brought,

We’ve stopped trusting each other

And our anger has wrought

A chorus of protests

Both for and against—

Little peace in our nation

Has made all of us tense.

Yet this time of year

We should put down our shields—

(not the face ones of course)—

But find ways to be healed

As communities, country, as each to the other

All work to find ways to bridge gaps

Between Brothers.

We all are one family

No matter how different—

We must swim past the rage,

And find a new current—

Building trust and respect and a new understanding,

We must learn how to listen,

With acceptance expanding.

Surely this time of year

We can put down our weapons

Of Hatred, of Mistrust,

And look to God’s Heaven—

Where we are taught only

To love one another.

No matter our differences,

Let’s all come together,

Even socially distanced

We can make love our tether.

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