Frustration and a Cause Worth Supporting

It has been a frustrating week.  If Gracie is letting me know that she needs to go outside, I’m sure not smart enough to pick up on her signals.  I take her out every hour, when she gets up from her naps, before and after she eats.  She still has a tendency to just squat.  Our house has started to smell like the stuff I use to clean everything up.

I’ve been trying to write a grant proposal and have just been falling short.  With only about two weeks left before our staycation, I’m feeling the pressure to get it finished.  Instead, I keep missing the sweet spot of being able to tell a compelling story about Journey to Hope, an organization for which I care deeply.  It provides group coaching and support at little or no cost to restore physical, emotional and financial well-being when life takes a difficult turn.

Hmmm.  Has life taken a difficult turn for anyone lately?

Most of Journey to Hope’s participant-members are older, and many of them have chronic illnesses that put them at high risk for Covid.  We started providing our usual face-to-face meetings on Zoom, and that worked for a lot of our members.  The trouble is, some older folks are not comfortable with technology or don’t have a device, or don’t have WiFi.  It’s not enough that we’re back in business for most folks—we want to connect with them all, and right now we can’t.


We have a plan, but we need to raise funds to support it—to purchase tablets that we can loan folks, to provide limited outdoor meetings and some small face-to-face indoor meetings, to provide our parking lot as a hot spot.  So—I’m trying to write a proposal.

It’s funny how one frustration can amplify another, as if they bounce back and forth between one another, gaining intensity and speed.  I can stand this, but how can I stand that, too?

I can stand cleaning up after Gracie, but how can I stand not being able to get my work done, and how can I stand the continued awful presence of the pandemic and, and, and….

If God had allowed for our ears to release all the steam inside a frustrated head, I think that would have been a wonderful addition to the human body.  I guess I need to figure out a way to do that myself.

So, I am appealing to you, Dear Reader.  Please go to and make a donation today.  Know that the money will be used to connect someone who is isolated and lonely, to provide them with community and connection and resources and caring. 

Journey to Hope is starting a Shoe Drive July 13th that will run through September 12th.  Each donated pair of gently used shoes will do good two ways.  First, they will be distributed to people in need in third world countries.  Second, Journey to Hope will get forty cents for every pair donated.  If you live in Cincinnati and have some shoes you can donate, give me a call and I will come pick them up, face mask in place. 

Your donation to Journey to Hope will make a difference to a lot of people, including me.  It will make me smile—and perhaps help me write that proposal a little more eloquently!

As for Gracie—well, one look at that dear, little face and I’m a goner.  One stroke of that soft, soft fur and something eases in my heart.  Maybe I don’t have frustration steaming out of my ears because I have oxytocin in my bloodstream!

There.  I feel better.

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