I finished my manuscript about my journey to healthy, happy living last week.  I had set it aside for a while because I wanted to include what I was doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It was so nice to get back to it and the ending that came out of last week’s work just felt so right!

This week, I am traveling to Muncie, Indiana, to attend the Midwest Writers Conference.  This is a first for me, and I am greatly looking forward to it.  Kelsey Timmerman, a New York Times-bestselling author, has my book proposal and has agreed to critique it, so I know I will learn a lot. 

I went on my wellness quest with great deliberation and focus—and it transformed my life.  But, I started writing as a means of exploring my own feelings about my struggles with obesity, not at all with the intent of writing a book.  Writing has led me to a whole different place in my life and a whole different way of thinking.  It’s as if my brain has had to light up neural pathways that had long been in shadow. 

My professional identity was as a nurse, and that identity was vitally important to me—so much so, that I still keep up my licensure even though I haven’t worked as a nurse in a few years.  Still, my career had slowed down and with it, my brain.  I had become predictable, at least to myself, in the decisions I made and the way I managed problems.

Not now!  I am learning a whole new set of skills as I work on a marketing plan and query letters to agents.  I am firing up my right brain as I pull together words into stories.  Truthfully, I have seldom felt so alive or so young!  I am in a whole different realm and the newness of it brightens the air I breathe.

It is an important lesson, I think.  I found this new path for myself through serendipity, and it has been rich with meaning.  Perhaps we all need to deliberately stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zones or the natural, familiar rhythms of our days.  Doing so can keep our minds sharply engaged and ignite our senses.  It can challenge and delight us.

My life has been refreshed.  Not like a refresh of a web page, but one where I have been given time to heal, to reflect, and to find new possibilities.  It is a deep refreshment of the spirit as I find new and interesting roads ahead that I think I might explore.  One where I don’t necessarily know what all my next steps will be, but I know they will be interesting and that I will learn and grow. 

Take some time for that refreshment yourself.  Look at possibilities, little stretches in different directions that might be intriguing to follow.  Perhaps we can all find different ways to ignite our days!

1 thought on “Refreshment

  1. Wow! Im so inspired by you! Have a great writers conference. You ARE a writer!!!!


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