I think most of us have fairly strong opinions about Mondays.  It’s that first you-can’t-have-fun-anymore day of the workweek.  For those of us who didn’t have fun over the weekend, Monday just comes as a hefty punch when we’re already down.  Marc worked this past weekend and is actually off today.  But, Monday being Monday, he has gone from doing a new budget for us—and darned all those “unexpecteds” that keep goofing us up—to putting down weed preventer on the grass.  It seems you just have to put yourself in gear on Monday.

            I start my Mondays on the elliptical.  It’s my only nonstop aerobic exercise of the week.  The routine takes a half hour and is quite a workout for me, so I do it on Monday instead of worrying the rest of the week about scheduling it.  Things of which I am not overly fond get way too big in my head!  This morning, I actually forgot that I had gotten into this habit.  I set up my resistance bands, got all of my equipment in place, then went over to the elliptical.  That was when it hit me. 

“Oh.  Damn it.”  I imagined the elliptical giving me an evil grin.  I thought about just putting my aerobic routine off, but sighed and climbed on the machine.  Best way to get it done is to do it, I thought to myself.  I couldn’t even comfort myself that I would just take it a little slower today.  I’ve given myself a mini-challenge to increase the number of calories I expend each workout.

            Most days my exercise just feels so good.  Once nonexistent-muscles warm up and loosen before they miraculously engage.  My breathing quickens but soon evens out, helping me take on the next challenge.  Everything in me tells me I can do this—I am doing it!  I no longer think of myself as clutzy, awkward Margie.  I have actually started to believe that I am strong.

            As I finished my routine this morning, I felt that strength, that resolve.  My hardest routine was finished for the week and—check the numbers on the elliptical—yep, I got to a higher calorie count than the previous week.  So if I started with a bit of a bad attitude, I finished feeling empowered and pumped. 

            I think that’s why I have come to think of Mondays as “Take Back Mondays.”  I can flex a bit in what I eat over the weekend, I can even be lazy from time to time.  But, first thing on Monday, I face the promise I made myself in August 2016: “I will lose the weight I need to lose and I will never gain it back.  I will become strong and fit and happy.”  What is important to me isn’t just that I achieved that promise, but that I continue to achieve it every day.  I have given myself the power and knowledge to live healthy and happy.  Every single day—but especially on Take Back Mondays!

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